Upcoming Malayalam Movie Sequels

Mollywood is all set for the sequels of the Malayalam movies which entertained the audiences across ages. Sequels are meant to give the audiences something more of what they enjoyed, but most of them don’t live up to the original movie. In Mollywood also many sequels came, but only a few were able to win the audience. Now once again when the sequel fever is back let’s see which one will outstrip their prequels.

Sethurama Iyer is Back…..

The most popular crime thriller series in Malayalam movies is back with its 5th part temporarily titled as CBI 5. Director K Madhu and writer SN Swamy had recently confirmed that they have started working on the script of the movie.

During a recent interview, SN Swamy mentioned, unlike the earlier series CBI 5 will be a big budget movie with lots of surprises. The roles of Sethurama Iyer, Chacko and sathyadas will be done by Mammootty, Mukesh, and Saikumar respectively. Apart from them, Ranji Panikar will also be a part of this series.

The series started off in 1988 with the blockbuster movie Oru CBI Dairy Kuripe.The movie is based on an investigation on a murder case headed by Sethuraman Iyer and his team Vikram(Jagathy) and Harry(Suresh Gopi).

The second part of the crime thriller series Jagratha hit the screens in 1989 which was followed by Sethurama Iyer CBI (2004) and Nerariyan CBI (2005). The lead character, Sethurama Iyer is said to have been inspired by a police officer named Radhavinod Raju, who in 2009 was appointed as the first chief of India’s National Investigation Agency.

With the coming back of the trio Iyer-Swamy-Madhu, viewers are eagerly waiting for the movie to hit the screen.

Lelam 2

Lelam 2, the sequel to the Malayalam action thriller movie Lelam released in 1997 is expected to release soon. Scripted by Ranji Panicker and directed by Joshy Lelam was a huge success and one of the biggest blockbusters of Suresh Gopi’s carrier.

Ranji Panickar Together with his son Nithin Ranji Panicker will be working on the project while Ranji Paniker will pen down the screenplay for the sequel the direction will be done by his son Nithin who did his debut as a director with Mammootty starrer Kasaba.

It will be a great come back for the actor-turned-MP, Suresh Gopi as he was away from his acting career for some time due to his social and political activities.

Aadu 2

Aadu oru Bheekara Jeeviyanu was tagged as a huge flop by Malayalis.However, after the DVD release, people started loving the protagonist Shaji Pappan. It immediately became a torrent hit and witnessed record DVD sales, with Jayasurya’s character Shaji Pappan being well accepted by the audience. Shaan Rahman’s music and background scores were one of the highlights of the comedy entertainer.

Ever since the character Shaji Pappan became a huge hit, demand for the sequel of the film has been appearing online for a while.Meeting all the demands, Aadu 2 will hit the big screen for Christmas this year. Like the prequel, Aadu 2 will be produced by Vijay Babus Friday films.

“The sequence of the movie is going to be a colorful mass action comedy. Aadu.2 will have another episode of Shaji Pappan’s life. The actors, who were part of Shaji Pappan and team, will be retained” says director Midhun.

Punyalan private limited

Punyalan private limited is a sequel to the superhit movie Punyalan Agarbattis. Director Ranjith Sankar announced to the Malayali audiences about the second venture of the protagonist Joy Thakkolkkaran with his new entrepreneur ideas with his friends.

The sequel also marks the beginning of the distribution company ‘Punyalan Cinemas’, owned by Ranjith and Jayasurya. Ranjith, who made the announcement through his online page, adds, “The idea behind Punyalan Cinemas is to release our films and other films which we believe in. Our first release Punyalan Agarbattis part 2(title will be announced soon) will reach you on November 17th. A humble step into the big ocean of cinema again.”

Raja 2

After the biggest hit of the Malayalam film industry, Pulimurugan Director Vysakh is planning for his next directorial outing.His next project Raja 2 will be a sequel to the hit movie Pokkiri Raja, the directorial debut of Vysakh.The film narrates another episode in the life of the protagonist Pokkiri Raja played by Megastar Mammootty.

However, it isn’t clear if actor Prithviraj, who played Mammootty’s brother in Pokkiri Raja, will be part of the sequel as well.

The movie will be produced by Tomichen Mulakupadam, who produced the prequel. Raja 2 script will be penned by Udayakrishna. “It’s completely different from the Pokkiri Raja and so the setting is also unrelated,” says Udayakrishna. “It’s too soon to discuss the plot as I am yet to start working on it. The movie follows Raja’s character and the story entirely revolves around him.”

According to director Vysakh, Raja 2 will be a complete entertainment package which will equally satisfy the Mammootty fans and family audiences.


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