Ranam – Detroit Crossing Team Comes Up With ‘Shoot A Video’ Contest #MyRanam

You all might have already watched the sneak-peek video of Prithviraj Sukumaran’s upcoming film Ranam – Detroit Crossing. Well, it goes like this- The wrong-guy-to-mess-with aka Prithviraj staking outside a house seemingly located in a peaceful neighbourhood while listening to an old song inside his car. He sees someone leaving his target’s house, and gets out from the car with a baseball bat in one hand. Without any hesitation, he walks straight up to the door and knocks on it. The guy on the other side partially opens the door, which is protected by the security chain, to see his guest. Boom. Prithviraj kicks in the door breaking it completely and giving the way for the title to appear.

Now it’s your turn to remix the Ranam Sneak Peek video and win free tickets for the movie and meet the one and only Prithviraj!!! Exciting right????

Then what are you waiting for? Form a team of yours with cameraman, actors and editors. Shoot your video. Give your team a unique name and add the name to the beginning of the video. Post your videos with the tags #MyRanam and #Ranam. 3 videos with the highest votes will be picked as winners.

Last date to post the video- 18/02/2018

Voting ends on- 27/02/2017

And the winners will be announced on 28th February.

It’s not me who says these. Prithviraj Sukumaran himself has posted the details on his Facebook page. Those who still don’t believe can read his post below:


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