The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Steps Back From The Light Metro Project

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Stepped back from the Light Metro project that was to be implemented in Trivandrum and Kozhikode.
Regarding this matter, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) Chief Consultant E Sreedharan said that the future of the Light Metro projects are in the hands of the government and it seems that the government is disinterested in realizing the project.


Even though in September 2016, DMRC was entrusted with the project by the government, no agreement was signed.As directed the DMRC went forward with the preliminary works and the report on this was submitted to the Government.

The government had also approved preparatory work, including construction of four flyovers, costing Rs. 272.84 crore. Land acquisition for the project was also on.

During the board meeting of Kerala Rapid Transit Corporation Ltd (KRTL), which met on December 15, DMRC was removed from the construction of over bridges. Regarding the issue, Sreedharan sent a mail to the government asking them to give a reply by February 15.

In the mail, it was stated that if a reply is not received by Feb 15 they will step back from the project.

Sreedharan added that DMRC is not interested to take up the project if only the preliminary works are awarded. The full project should be given. There is no need of DMRC just for the preliminary works, the PWD can do it.


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