C Cassandra’s Kickstarter Campaign Launch For Her Book “Still Just Kidding”!

We all have seen N number of comic WhatsApp statuses and facebook posts that portray the everyday struggle of women in a funny way. Well most of them belong to the 21-year-old Romanian Canada-based comic artist Cassandra Calin.

On 7th February Cassandra will be launching the Kickstarter campaign for her very first book,”Still Just Kidding”!

The book will be a collection of Cassandra’s comics, artwork and much more.

Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. All the ambitious, innovative, and imaginative ideas are brought to life through the direct support of others.

Cassandra’s witty black and white sketches have turned into a series of hilarious comics detailing the life of a young woman living in the modern world.

The interesting fact is that the young woman portraited in many of Cassandra’s comics is a representation of herself .“I draw comics inspired by my life and experiences,” Calin writes on her website. “I enjoy laughing at my awkward self and ranting about silly misfortunes such as being born with curly hair. I like 90’s music, cartoons, pineapple and cats. I like cats a lot.”

Each comic features a young woman with long dark curly hair with a multitude of situations that these women face in everyday life which is usually silly and funny enough. Most of the girls might see their own reflections in these comics.

“My comics are autobiographical and all the characters I include are based on actual people,” she said. “So yes, my character is the real me; expressive, sarcastic, geeky and a bit grumpy.”

Her unique style has garnered her some 1.7 million Facebook followers.

And for those who have not seen her comics can check some samples below and I believe you will definitely love them:


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