Qarib Qarib Single: Parvathy’s Ticket To Bollywood

Qarib Qarib Single is the upcoming Hindi movie starring Parvathy Menon and Irfan Khan. This is the debut Hindi movie of the Malayalam actor Parvathy Menon. We have to wait till November 10th to know if she can recreate the storm she has created in the South film industry.

The trailer has been released and has received a good welcome. Tanuja Chandra comes back to the director’s chair with this film after a long gap of 11 years. The film looks like a fun-filled comedy ride that is going to be loved by the audience.

Bollywood may not be familiar with this Malayalam actor who started her career in 2006 Malayalam film Out of Syllabus. She acted in several other Malayalam, Tamil, and Kannada movies. But her 2013 Tamil movie ‘Maryan’ with Dhanush gave her a big break.

Parvathy came back strongly to Mollywood with her role ‘RJ Sarah’ in 2014 Malayalam super hit movie ‘Bangalore Days’ written and directed by Anjali Menon. Following years ended up with at least a super hit movie of hers.

2015 gave her 2 big roles in 2 successful movies- Ennu Ninte Moideen and Charlie. She earned Kerala State Film Awards- Best Actress award and much more awards for her roles- Kanchanamaala and Tessa. In 2016 she did the role of Sameera in the movie ‘Takeoff’.

Let’s wish Parvathy could rock Bollywood as ‘Jaya’ in her debut Hindi movie ‘Qarib Qarib Single’ !!!


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