Playing National Anthem Not Mandatory In Cinema Halls

As we all know, in November 2016, the Supreme Court had ordered all cinema halls across the country to play the national anthem before the screening of a movie in order to instil a sense of patriotism and nationalism among citizens. So far it has been observed. Many have already expressed their confusion that how playing the national anthem in cinema halls can instil patriotism.

Anyways the Supreme Court said yesterday that it is not mandatory to play the national anthem before the screening of a movie at cinema halls. Many on social media expressed their support on recalling this order. Many have commented positively saying that people go to cinema halls for entertainment and avoid this kind of moral policing.

Many think that it is quite unnecessary to put a burden on people even in a place where they go for entertainment. Just like Justice Chandrachud, we would also like to ask, “Where do you draw a line? Where does this moral policing stop?”

Written by Honey Jose

A blogger by heart, a planner by mind and a doer in dreams 😜. One of the fountainheads of HypOwt. Life motto: Always smile and try to bring out smile on others. Don't judge others even if you are always judged :)

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