Nothing Else To Say Than – Incredible India!!

29 states, 22 languages, 132.42 crore population, this is something about our nation. I have never seen a country other than our’s with a vast or huge diversity in culture, language, food, clothing and even political situations. We feel each and every state, each and every language, each and every district new since they possess something different from another. It is not the diversity, it is the togetherness we love and celebrate.

Nothing Else To Say Than - Incredible India!!

According to 2014 census, there are 1703 political parties in India. And it may have surely increased by now. It is a question of debate that doesn’t these much of political parties leave a negative impact in the political situation all over the country. But, I strongly think that this is the right of freedom of expression being implemented. Anyway, let’s not discuss politics here. Lot more media are there to discuss it. Let them do it….. It is really exciting to know that Nagaland, a northeastern state, has English as their official language only because they cannot use any of their regional languages since there are many. Nagaland is inhabited by 16 tribes and each has an official language!

Every 29 states possess this type of diversities. Another exciting part is food! I have heard that in some parts of the northeast, people consume dog meat, which is totally unbelievable and unacceptable to a south Indian like me. But, maybe they feel the same when they hear that we are eating chicken or beef. In world tourism ranking, India is in 8th position with 13.3 million international tourist arrivals. There are many wonders in our country which the natives haven’t ever seen but the tourist did. The feeling which I now have is in the hearts of every Indian. It doesn’t need any political party’s recommendation. It’s the patriotism which comes from the heart. It is the love which India taught us.

The tagline for tourism in India is ‘Incredible India’. And I definitely say that no other tagline can replace the feeling of culture, language, food and unity we share. Once again, its nothing but the togetherness being celebrated!


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