Lesson from a broken leg

Now I come with a recollection of the vibes I had a few months before when I had my leg fractured. I fall from the college stairs. Actually, in my opinion, if anybody gets a little haughtiness, then they definitely should get their leg fractured.

Lesson from a broken leg

My brother’s attitude after the incident was incredibly unbelievable. Earlier, he was always like ‘do that thing’, ‘get me this thing’ kind of attitude. But from the moment, when the doctor said that I should take 4 weeks complete rest, he started taking care of me. At first, he even helped me to ‘jump’ with one leg(after 2-3 days I managed to do it myself) and helped me by getting me the things I needed. Even though I loved my brother’s change, I totally hated the 4 weeks. Spending 18 hours of a day on the couch and the rest on the bed was really disgusting. One good thing was since I was completely at home my skin tone became fairer a little which by now has changed. But it made me realize how important each and every part of the body is in daily life! And started to think from the direction of ‘one with a broken leg’.

According to my mother, a rest was necessary for me since I was all frisky, but I never expected that! My conceit that I’m a person who can go anywhere and do anything completely faded. The mere thought that I’m someone who can’t even take a glass of water without someone’s help crushed me.

Now I’m almost alright, but when I keep standing for a while it still hurts. It may take a year or more for me to get rid of this pain. But this incident made me think about a lot of things. Just a fracture on your leg is enough to make you helpless, so keep away your rivalry, arrogance and hatred.

We are all humans, nothing is predictable. Keep all your pride and arrogance aside and enjoy each moment of your life.


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