Liability Of Horoscope!

Whenever I write something, readers are those who support me the most. I can hope for a miracle or thank my zodiac sign. But I confidently thank you, who think things on my way. We can see 2 types of people in our society. The first type is those who have a pillar to blame on-the horoscope and the other type who work hard and achieve anything they need. We’re going to talk about the first type of people this time.

Liability of horoscope

Of course, the horoscope and zodiac signs possess a science and truth in them. But what did they do wrong to get all these blame? There are a lot of people who consult an astrologist whenever they go through a crisis. And then they visit all the temples suggested by the astrologist, invest (or waste) a lot of money on it and gain nothing in the end. This may be a problem which can easily be solved by just ‘talking’. But there comes the problem with horoscope!

Humans are all the same except the appearance and thoughts. Every human body works in the same pattern. Zodiac signs and horoscope can do nothing on it. Most of the people, while going through a crisis, blame their bad ‘time’. Horoscope can do nothing in our lives. We are the ones who make results. We only get those things we give. Whatever it may be, if we’ve done it right, we’ll get the right result. Blaming the horoscope and not doing anything is nothing but cowardice. Do everything perfectly, the result is secondary. If you’ve done it right, you will definitely win.

Another sarcasm is about marriages. Most of the Hindu marriages in Kerala (if they are arranged)are held with the help of the horoscope match. I know some people who got married with 100% horoscope match and got divorced within a few years. My parents weren’t married after 100% horoscope match. But the life they lead is perfectly adorable. They give more importance to horoscopes than to the interest of two minds.

I’m not talking about the whole society, this is just a part of it. I don’t know whether this article may change the minds of people. It obviously may not, but this is it. Happiness or success is not something that comes to us. That’s something we should build up with good deeds and hard work. Others are not meant to make us happy, it’s our responsibility to make the place we belong joyful. Also, a horoscope is not something we’ve got to blame things on, it’s something we should try to change with our deeds…


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