Chemban Vinod Jose and Aju Varghese Say Cheers in GNPC Facebook Group

Chemban Vinod Jose and Aju Varghese recently said cheers in GNPC Facebook group (Glassile Nurayum Platele Curryum). GNPC is a very famous and viral group of alcohol lovers with a total of 1.1 million members.

gnpc facebook group

It was on Wednesday evening, Aju Varghese posted a pic in which you can see just a glass of alcohol. Obviously, the post was flooded with comments and likes. The count is like 20k likes, 1.2k comments and still counting.

The very next day evening Chemban Vinod Jose also posted a pic. In this pic, you can see him in a hood holding a beer glass and he titled the pic ” cheers fellas”. The pic is so tempting that we feel like having a beer at the moment. This post has a much high response than Aju’s. It bagged almost 159K likes, 10K comments and still counting. It is likely to be the first post in GNPC with more than 100K likes.

It’s Bineesh Bastin who started this trend among the Cine artists as he is the first to pose with a glass of alcohol. That was posted on 12th May. It’s still trending with 30K likes and 790 comments. Later, on 28th May he again posted a pic appealing that he won’t drink but likes to give company for others who drink. That post has 47K likes and 1.4K comments.

Apart from all these Malayalam celebrities, there is a video from Darren Julius Garvey Sammy who plays international cricket for the West Indies. He congratulates all the GNPC members on achieving 1 Million members. With no doubt, the group is trending insanely with and without celebrities.

Already we have posted an article about GNPC grossing 3.5 lakh members in 18 days.


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