Max Out Of Small Space

The bedroom is the most wanted space after a tiring day or work. It’s the most sought out relaxation zone. But if the room is of small size then the expected coziness can’t be achieved.

Better arrangement of furniture can extract maximum space out of a room without making it stuffy. The idea is to choose sleek design along with necessary and functional items alone. Pastel shades will give more spacious look compared to dark colours with heavy patterns or floral designs. Attractive bed cushions and light coloured curtains can increase the brightness of the room. Highlight one of the walls with artwork. Adding an industrial finish to the highlight wall or including an exposed brick wall as a highlight zone is a smart way to distract the eye from the smallness of the room and even give a charm to the room. Add a large mirror to give an illusion of depth and expansion.

By using the vertical spaces aesthetically as well as the space under the cot large storage spaces can be derived from small sized rooms. In an extremely small sized bedroom, the entire storage can be placed under the cot, with the mattress placed over this storage space, with steps leading to it, just like a bunk bed. This leaves the rest of space in the small room free for movement and even a writing desk can be placed if so required and a reclining chair to put the feet up and read a book or enjoy a coffee.The space occupied by the chair for the writing table can also be saved by designing the table more as a cabinet where the writing pad can be eased out and accessed sitting on the bed. While not in use, the cabinet serves the purpose of a mere storage. Turning the windowsill into an attractive seating nook is also not a bad idea.

In a slightly larger room that can accommodate a fairly large wardrobe, drawers can be created under the cot while a part of the wardrobe can be freed to place a television set. The vertical spaces on either side of the cot are free to stack books and artifacts.


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