In Search Of A Key That Opens The Door To Happiness

Recently many of my friends have put up a video of RJ Joseph Annamkutty Jose as WhatsApp status. You will definitely feel like the video really holds a key that opens the door to happiness. Here is the original video:

Peace of mind is something that we all are dying for. We all love to be free from worries, anxiety, guilt or problems. Paulo Coelho says:

“Close some doors today. Not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance, but simply because they lead you nowhere”

If you ponder on his lines you will find that it’s really true. Yes, there are 2 categories of people who influence our peace of mind. The first category includes those who never understand us. Whatever we do, say or think will not make a difference in their attitude. They always blame us. They may taunt us and laugh at us. That increases our pain. They won’t make a try to understand us. They may not be ready to give us a chance. They always go with their perception of us. This will definitely hurt us and affect our peace of mind. Even if we try to avoid their words, it may not work all the time. Some or the other time it will affect us. We will lose our peace of mind. These people may or may not be those who are close to us like our own family members, boss or a colleague. Whatever be their intentions whether it is positive or negative, it will always have a negative effect on us. Because the way how they are expressing hurts us so the intention will not have any role to play. We need to shut our eyes towards these people. So let’s close such doors today as it will not lead us anywhere.

We have the other category of people who will accept us in the way we are, with all our flaws and faults. They are our true well-wishers who help us find our faults and flaws and correct it. They will not blame us instead they help us overcome our mistakes. We need mates, buddies, friends, brothers and sisters who we can chat with, laugh with, talk to, sing songs with, talk about north-south-east-west or heaven and earth. That is true happiness. We need healthy suggestions, feedbacks and comments to correct ourselves than taunts and yellings. It is this category of people who can lead us to happiness and open the door to life. They will always be ready to listen to us and to be with us. They give us a feeling that whatever happens they are there for us and even that trust is enough for us to be at ease. We can discuss anything with them, they are truly like an opened door.

So forget not, to close all the doors that lead you nowhere and enter the door that leads you to happiness.


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