Chennai Sinks…But Why???

My colleague Geethu’s post deeply influenced me to come up with a poem (I don’t know if you people agree that its a poem but still I would love to call it so…) which I have titled “But Why???”…

Friends, viewers, and countrymen lend me your ears( Well I owe a courtesy to Mark Antony)… Here goes my poem:

Chennai starts flooding if you show a paper with ‘Rain’ written on it. But Why???….

Chennai roads are filled with the black water during rains. But Why???…

That time it feels like… But Whyyyyyyyyyyy???

It would have been great if “Ola Boat” option was there in Ola App. Ooo don’t ask me, “But Why??”……

You can say, ‘its yet another face of Chennai’… But Why???

All those faces that mourned saying Chennai is flooding had no question mark “But Why???” …

Next monsoon they will cry again saying our houses are filled with water….But Why???

May be they will mourn until that monsoon which takes off the entire Chennai city and submerges it in the Bay of Bengal…

Are they waiting until that day to ask this simple question- “But Why???”

I think I owe a courtesy to a video too and here it is…” But Why??”


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