The Height Of Success Is Not Directly Proportional To Humanity

At times I feel so pressurised. I want to gauge my success. Then I start feeling depressed and go insane. I start to count what I believe is my success and I fall short in number. So I start to count my failures and I find my list overflowing but still am left with more options in mind. And I feel totally bland and useless and I start to hate myself, my abilities, my instincts and all that’s related to me. Is it the real me who is doing all this or is this the world that does this? Who taught you what success is? How can you gauge your success? Who decided the standards of success?

humanity and success

The world wants you to be successful and popular. It always expects you to grow. Dear world, have you ever told your kids to grow?

Yes you have, right? How many times have you done that? Don’t you remember? Oh come on, You always told them to grow, grow and grow more. When they were small you asked them to eat more so that they will grow. When they started their schooling you asked them to study so that they will grow. Then you asked them to select a profession so that they will grow. Then you asked them to focus on their career so that they will grow. Later you asked them to earn more so that they will grow. Growth is all that you wanted. Now they are completely grown- physically, academically, professionally, career-wise and financially, what you want more?


Are you kidding me? We all are Human beings, so we should have this humanity inbuilt within us. Don’t we? If not why you never asked them to grow a heart, to listen to their mind, to love, to share, to be satisfied, to show humanity, to become a HUMAN BEING. Being in human appearance does not actually make you a human.

HUMANITY is not a trait that is traded to all who are born from and as humans. It is something that is inculcated by the real human beings.

Oh World, learn to grow humanity so that all your kids turn out to be the REAL HUMAN BEINGS.


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