After All I Will Get Married

I’ve recently come across some thoughts and opinions about ‘women empowerment’ and I have spend a few minutes thinking about it.

I am a girl who is 18 years old and living in a middle class family with an elder brother. Elder brother has a huge importance in this topic since he experience many kind of things(or maybe freedom) than I do. I’ve participated in some of the inter school and inter college athletics for my most loving item ‘long jump’. My family totally supports me in this sports love, but when I look forward, I’ve nothing to do with my gold medals and certificates just because I’m a woman.

To make my thoughts more clear, I’ve a real life example. My mother performed wonderfully in the Scouts and Guides during her school days and has achieved an award from the President of India. And eventually, she works in a private firm, wakes up early in the morning, cooks for 4, leaves to office, comes back in the evening, spends 5 or 10 minutes daily for WhatsApp , again to kitchen. And that’s it.

After a few years may be I too fall into this cycle and the long jump ‘champion’ in me slowly dies. Maybe if I give birth to a girl child and support her in all her sports and arts dreams and finally I may push her to join this cycle. The reason why I’ve completely lost my hope is, I’ve heard some of my male friends saying that they don’t like to marry a girl who loves and works hard for either sports or politics. After all, in India male is the one who dominates and marriage is something compulsory(especially for girls).

2 years before, I strongly believed that I will achieve something in long jump and  my family and friends will be proud of me. But now as I’ve ‘grown up’, I know how to smile sarcastically looking at my medals and certificates. Let all the girls ‘grow up’ like me.

Now, whenever I hear an announcement that I’ve won the medal, I feel very happy and to reduce the craziness of joy, I think-  ‘After all I’ll get married……’


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